Roger Swierstra, President and Director

Roger Swierstra

President and Director

Berto Di Manno, Managing Partner and Director

Berto Di Manno

Managing Partner and Director

Frances Weeks, Managing Partner

Frances Weeks

Managing Partner

Geoffrey Cowling, Managing Partner

Geoffrey Cowling

Managing Partner

Andrew Barker, Partner

Andrew Barker


Brent Blasetti, Partner

Brent Blasetti


Hristo Minkov, Partner

Hristo Minkov


Shelly Swartout, Partner

Shelly Swartout


Hugh Patterson, Risk Advisor

Hugh Patterson

Risk Advisor

Tenille Burdz, Risk Advisor

Tenille Burdz

Risk Advisor

Thuan Nguyen, Risk Advisor

Thuan Nguyen

Risk Advisor

Kevin Lee, Risk Advisor

Kevin Lee

Risk Advisor

Joanne Hankinson, Risk Advisor

Joanne Hankinson

Risk Advisor

Paul Aiello, Risk Advisor

Paul Aiello

Risk Advisor

Yani Guzman, Risk Consultant

Yani Guzman

Risk Consultant

Mark Lam, Risk Consultant

Mark Lam

Risk Consultant

Danielle Gorst, National Practice Leader, Financial Lines

Danielle Gorst

National Practice Leader, Financial Lines

T. Marshall Sadd, Chairman of the Board

T. Marshall Sadd

Chairman of the Board

Shawn DeSantis, Director

Shawn DeSantis